About Me!




im a nice sweet girl who is fun to talk to and communicate with,bubbly fun and very outgoing.someone who can flirt without being overly forward,and im the one whose open to new things and not scared to have a little fun..I enjoy a lot of different activities and am interested in a wide variety of subjects. I like what I’m doing, but I have a lot of unfulfilled desires because I still have to learn a lot..hope you can teach me..lol

I try to work things out. i never hold grudges.Anyway, for the fun stuff.. My friends and Family mean
EVERYTHING to me. I wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for them.
I love music, any kind, depending on my mood.
I love lots of colors, shopping, makeup, taking pictures,
partying, summer and everything that comes along with it:), anddddd anything i’m doing with my friends.
I love making new friends to btw:)
I live my life to the fullest!?
i love chatting and meeting up new people..
im in love with taking pictures of MYSELF 🙂
So theres just a little bit of me:) Anything else you want to know, just get to know me ?